On December 2015, The IGBoston team learned that Callie, the golden retriever who lived on Acorn Street and appeared in many photos of that iconic location, passed away.

Her owners emailed us the news and told us that they “always appreciated those doses of daily affection from her many, anonymous caregivers … Thank you for being kind to Callie during her too short but excellent life.”

Saddened by the news, we posted an announcement of the news on our Instagram (image provided by IGBoston founder Brian McWilliams (@brianmcw), inviting the community (members and followers alike) to tag any shots of Callie (new or old) with the hashtag #CallieRIP to honor Callie’s memory.

Callie’s significance to the New England Instagram community was immediately obvious, with over 200+ comments on our Instagram post expressing remorse for the beloved golden retriever, nicknamed “the Queen of Acorn Street”.

The IGBoston community also paid respects by using the hashtag on over 140+ photographs of Callie, taken over different periods of her life. These numerous acts of compassion caught the attention of many local news organizations.

Boston.com eventually interviewed Brian and Callie’s owners about Callie’s significance to the New England community.

The tremendous affection shown during this tragic event is a sign of the deep compassion shared by the entire IGBoston community, and why the moderators are happy to serve.

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