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New Member Inquires

If you are interested in IGBoston membership, email with the subject line “New Member Request: (your Instagram tag).

Please put the link to your Instagram profile in the body of the email (ex:, as it helps expedites your request.

We highly recommend reading our "Membership" section in its entirety before emailing to request membership.

Event Promotion Requests

(IGBoston members only)

If you are an IGBoston member interested in posting an event on our calendar, email with the subject line “Event Promotion Request: (ig username).”

Event posts submissions should include a copy of 50 - 100 words describing the event, meeting time details, any entry charges, and a cover image.

The event must follow all the following terms to be acknowledged.

1. You must be a current IGBoston member hosting or managing the event.

2. The event must be in New England and open to the public

3. The event must be about photography or the creative arts in general.

A few examples are

Instameets - A photography instameet you are hosting

Panel Discussion - Any public panel or forum in which you are presenting

Workshop - A workshop or class you are conducting

We'll contact you if we have any concerns regarding re-posting.

IGBoston does not claim any official sponsorship to the events submitted from our members.

If you are a non-member representing an organization planning an event you would like IGBoston to sponsor, please reference our Brand Advertisement Inquires.

Partnership Inquires

If you represent a brand interested in a partnership or sponsorship arrangement, email with the subject line “Partnership Inquiry: (Your Brand Name).”

Please indicate your brand, your brand's website/social media channels, your relationship to the brand, your proposed sponsorship arrangement.

General Inquires

For all inquiries not related to the topics above, email