Art For Everyone




Say what you will about the potentially negative proliferation of smart phones and social media—I, for one, get immense satisfaction out of having both in my life. Though I get both a personal and professional benefit out of the two (via IGBoston and my day job, respectively) I’m most excited about what I see as a widespread democratization of art, and the personal connections that can result.

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This democratization both includes and goes beyond Instagram. The past year of my life has, in part, been spent on developing a public art exhibition in Boston’s Emerald Necklace parks. That in itself would have been unthinkable a century ago. Fine art and aesthetics have been the purview of wealthy and privileged for hundreds of years.

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But now the vast majority of people have a high-quality camera and some editing software in their pockets. Thousands of people a day can see a free presentation of public art. And on the first day of that exhibition, I could meet, by chance, someone whose work I’ve admired and been inspired by, and create something out of it.

More than ever, art is for everyone, and it connects everyone. I think that’s pretty remarkable.

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